CardView Xceed DataGrid WPF Style!

So I took a quick break from all the installer creations I’ve been doing lately to enjoy some work on an old project… DCTracker!

I know, it is the neverending project, but when you get little time to work on anything else… blah blah. Ok, so here’s the deal, I wanted to take my Child Attendance program from this:


To this:


Well wouldn’t you know it, that is just super simple in Xceed DataGrid.

In the XAML of my window, I clicked “Show Configuration Window” on my datagrid. Then selected cardview:


After selecting cardview and the theme I desired, I switched to the columns tab and setup my fields.


The “Field Name” corresponds to the field name in my dataset I will be passing, whereas “Title” is shown on the card.
Next, we configure the data source in our code:

dataGridControlChildDisplay.ItemsSource = childListView;
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