B&N nook Shipments delayed… again… maybe?

So today, B&N was to start shipping the nook’s to all those who had preordered early enough for a November 30th ship date. Unfortunately, they have missed that mark, or at least appear to have missed it. As an email suggests, the ship date is delayed for an unknown reason. But it does not actually say it is delayed. It’s like they know it will cause a back lash of complaints, and didn’t want to speak those words!

They did offer us a $10 gift card and free upgrade to overnight shipping, which as a member you already got expedited air service. But these seem like a slap in the face. They missed the mark, won’t admit or explain why, and send us this email that hints at a delay without saying it is delayed.

But none the less, I still sit with my brochure and camera ready to take pictures of it. Assuming it gets here before I leave on my next work trip.

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