iDrive Provides Quick Easy Backup!

I am one of those paranoid backup people, who thinks any single level of backup is not enough. Well one of the tools in my arsenal of backups is a service by These guys are all about online backups, and they have actual software that will handle scheduled backups for you. Unlike other services where you have to go online to upload files, or some other crazy scheme, having an installable program that you can schedule makes it so much easier.

idrive screen
The main website is a very basic site that allows you access to your backup sets, and account changes. However most of your work will be done in the application.

idrivebackups The main application uses AES encryption as well as a key that you define during installation/account setup. (Don’t forget this password!) So your backups are fairly safe during transmission and storage on their servers.

jobdisplay The software also provides a job log display, this shows you the history of all the jobs that have ran on your system.

So you can get 2GB of storage for free, or purchase a storage plan to get more. I know 2GB is not a lot by today’s standards, but it is enough to store some things you consider important. In my case, I store my tax returns and Quicken files up there. Basically my financial information I consider critical I will put here as well as other places.

Give it a try!

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